welcome to Pinnacle - Educational Tutoring

We are enthusiastic educators motivated by the belief that all children can be successful learners. We skillfully involve, motivate, and lead students to achieve their educational goals. We strongly believe that children learn in different ways and employ student-focused teaching strategies to emphasize each child's unique abilities.

What we offer


Lesson plans and instructional materials used in teaching children from preschool through high school.


Student-focused teaching, multiple intelligences, constructivist learning, critical thinking.

Ready to Use

Custom curriculums, course materials designed to enhance and accelerate learning.


Private (one-on-one), Group (2-5) options for involving, motivating, and leading students to achieve educational goals.


Prepare students for standardized tests and placement tests.


Design and apply educational materials for both special education and gifted categories.

About Pinnacle

We are skillful at involving, motivating, and leading students to achieve their academic goals.

For the past five years, we have tutored and taught kids ranging from preschool to high school. Our areas of expertise are English / Language Arts, Science, and Math / Computer Science. We also have extensive experience teaching all subjects through middle school.

We have helped struggling students succeed and have helped others advance ahead of their peers. In addition to tutoring, we have homeschooled our child through his elementary education and now into middle school. We are very familiar with curriculums across all subject areas and can help find a good fit for each student's unique learning style.

  • Language Arts
  • Science
  • Math
  • Standardized Test Preparation
  • Computer Science

We OFFER best of best Education

Whether your child wants to get ahead, catch up, is gifted, or has special learning needs, we will involve, motivate, and lead them to achieve their educational goals.

  • One-on-one tutoring
  • Group Tutoring (2-5 students)
  • Homework Assistance
  • Mentoring
  • Progress Reports

We offer extensive tutoring and assistance for numerous subject area categories.

Reading, Writing, Composition
Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Arithmetic, Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Algebra I, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus
Video Game Design and Theory, Video Game Production